Italian coloring earth – Pigments

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Our Italian coloring earth pigments are natural and ecological. These dry pigments commonly called ocher pigments come from the best deposits in Europe. They are easy to dissolve in water, natural oils, glazes with oil or water, waxes, oil or water paints, milk paint, plaster, cement and concrete, wall coatings and acrylic binder.

Italian Coloring Earths are non-toxic and have a remarkable resistance to light and ultraviolet damage.

Take pleasure in creating your own milk paint colors by mixing our Italian coloring earths at our milk paint base.

Our pigments are excellent for use with egg, oils, waxes, acrylic, glues, gums, shellac, pastels, watercolor and gouache.


Dilute the Italian coloring earth pigment in part of your binder (paint, acrylic binder, oil, glaze) to a perfectly smooth consistency, then add your hue to your entire product.

The maximum dosage is 10 % with binder employed. Beyond 10 % it is recommended to incorporate fixative sprays and additives.


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