BLACK SOAP is an ESSENTIAL ecological soap to have in your home.  Our black soap is made from potash and olive oil according to the Marseille tradition.  This product has proven itself in Europe, and we are happy to let you know! 

Unlike the traditional dark green, almost black version, our ÉVO BLACK SOAP is pale green in colour.  The secret of its colour lies in its slow and lower cooking! Besides being more eco-friendly, it makes it much more irresistible, right?

BLACK SOAP is a multi-use soap:

  • Solvent-free;
  • No colouring;
  • No preservative;
  • 100 % natural;
  • Cleans effectively;
  • Degreases;
  • Shines surfaces;
  • Disinfects without the need for rinsing;
  • Very economical concentrate;
  • Completely biodegradable;
  • Safe for mankind, plants and animals;
  • Respectful of the environment.

What makes BLACK SOAP so wonderful?

First: This product has a simple composition of potash, olive oil and water.  This makes it a soap without solvent, without dye, without preservatives and 100% natural.

✨ It is therefore completely biodegradable, safe for humans, plants and animals and respectful of the environment. ✨

Secondly: BLACK SOAP is not only ecological, but it is also an effective cleaner that degreases, shines surfaces and sanitizes without the need for rinsing.

Thirdly: BLACK SOAP is a concentrate which makes it a very economical product.

Good to know: BLACK SOAP is an excellent agent for sanitizing surfaces. It does not kill bacteria but dislodges them from the surface thanks to the power of the potash. That’s why it is such a good cleaner. You can combine it with several essential oils to change the smell or add properties.

  • Dilute 5 to 10 drops of citrus essential oils, with sanitizing properties, in black soap before cleaning the floors.
  • To leave a scent in your laundry, add a few drops of essential oils to black soap (lavender, tea-tree, etc).
  • In a spray bottle, dilute a tablespoon of black soap, 1 litre of water and a dozen drops of lemon or rosemary essential oils:  Practical to use, this “homemade” household product is ecological and economical.

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