The multiple uses of BLACK SOAP!

BLACK SOAP is an ESSENTIAL multi-use and ecological soap to have in your home. For the good of the planet as well as that of your wallet, here is a non-exhaustive list of all the places where the BLACK SOAP can replace your regular detergent.

In addition to being an effective cleaner, we also have a lavender essential oil added version. A pleasant smell will follow you from one end to the other!


For floors and tiles

Thanks to its rich olive oil composition, BLACK SOAP cleans, sanitizes, nourishes thoroughly and makes all floors shine (tiles, ceramics, plastic coatings, marbles, wooden floors, etc.)

  • Directions for use: Dilute 2 tablespoons of black soap in 5 litres of hot water. Wash your surface (for an oiled floor; wipe off excess water). No need to rinse.

For the kitchen

BLACK SOAP is highly degreasing. It cleans and removes all grease stains on stoves, hobs of all types, stove hoods, ovens, worktops, sinks, cutting boards, etc.

  • Usage: Put a small amount of black soap on a sponge and wash. Rinse with warm water to remove grease stains.
  • Tip: When the oven is warm, apply black soap to the dirty areas, let stand overnight. Clean and rinse.

For dishes

BLACK SOAP also cleans and degreases frying pans and fryers. It preserves shiny stainless-steel pans. It also makes glasses shine in the dishwasher.

  • Usage: Put a little black soap on a sponge. Wash, then rinse with warm water. For the dishwasher, 1 tbsp. (15 ml) is sufficient.

For copper and silverware

It cleans and shines copper and silverware.

  • Directions for use: Dilute 3 to 4 tsp. (45 to 60 mL) BLACK SOAP in a bowl of hot water. Soak your items for 5-10 minutes. There is no need to rinse, simply drain and dry.

For the windows

BLACK SOAP cleans the interior and exterior windows for impeccable clarity and cleanliness.

  • Directions: Dilute 1 tsp. (5 ml) BLACK SOAP in 2 litres of hot water. Wash with a cloth and wipe dry with a squeegee or microfiber cloth. No need to rinse.

For leather

Thanks to its composition rich in olive oil, BLACK SOAP cleans, maintains and nourishes leathers (sofas, car interiors, jackets, saddlery, etc.).

  • Usage: Put a small quantity of pure BLACK SOAP on a clean cloth, rub and rinse with warm water. The leather thus regains its shine and remains flexible.

For laundry

BLACK SOAP can be used both as a traditional detergent in the washing machine and as a stain remover to overcome difficult stains before washing.

  • Directions: pour 3 to 4 tsp. (45 to 60 ml) pure BLACK SOAP in the washing machine dispenser.
  • Before washing: Place pure BLACK SOAP on the stain. Leave to act for 15 minutes, then put the garment in the machine (for stubborn stains, let the black soap act for several days, while waiting for the next load).

For the Fireplace

For the home BLACK SOAP effectively removes soot from the glass of all types of fireplace doors.

  • Usage: Put pure BLACK SOAP on newspaper or a cloth. Rub and rinse with warm water.

For paint brushes

It guarantees your brushes a long life and keeps the fibres beautiful. They will remain flexible and pleasant to handle.

  • Usage: Dilute a small amount of pure BLACK SOAP in lukewarm water and soak your brushes in it. The soap will help dislodge the paint, you can use a brush to wash it thoroughly.

For stains on fabrics

It removes stains of oil, grease and paint on fabrics. BE CAREFUL when a stain is accidentally passed through the dryer, it penetrates the fabric and is therefore much more difficult to remove.

  • How to use: Spread pure BLACK SOAP on the stain. Rub lightly and let stand for several hours. Repeat the operation then wash the garment normally in the machine.


BLACK SOAP makes this decorative lime plaster waterproof and easier to clean.

  • How to use: Spread the black soap using a sponge or sprayer (diluted with 20 to 30% water), and smooth with a STAINLESS-STEEL TROWEL. Remove excess soap. Continue the operation until the support no longer absorbs soap.


For exterior structures and woodwork 

BLACK SOAP cleans, sanitizes and deeply nourishes galleries, flower boxes, wooden garden furniture, etc.

  • Directions: Dilute 2 tsp. (30 mL) BLACK SOAP in 1 litre of hot water. Scrub with a brush. There is no need to rinse.

For the garden 

BLACK SOAP is used on roses, ornamental plants, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, etc. It protects your plants from aphids, mealybugs, red spiders and many others.

  • Directions: dilute 5 tsp in a spray bottle. (75 mL) liquid BLACK SOAP in 1 litre of water. Spray this mixture on the infested plant. You can use it as a precaution.

For means of transport and outdoor leisure 

BLACK SOAP cleans and shines motorcycles, cars, bikes, boats, etc.

  • Directions: Dilute 2 tsp. (30 ml) black soap in a litre of water. Wash with a broom or microfiber cloth, then rinse. It is also used to clean the interior of cars, toys, tools, bikes, linens, etc. It cleans decks and hulls of boats, in wood or plastic. Recommended for its effectiveness and its non-polluting virtues.

For barbecues 

BLACK SOAP cleans the inside and outside the barbecue and also degreases the grates.

  • How to use: Put a little pure BLACK SOAP on a brush. Rub and rinse with warm water. For grease on the grates, put pure BLACK SOAP and leave to act overnight. Rinse.

For pets  

It gently cleanses and shines the fur of animals. BLACK SOAP has antiparasitic properties, so it helps prevent skin allergies (eczema, fungus, etc.). It cleans, nourishes and brightens the hair of horses.

  • Instructions for use: Wet your pet before placing a nut or two of black soap on it. Rub well, then rinse thoroughly until there is no soap left. In the case of pest control, repeat the operation leaving it to act for a few minutes before rinsing.
  • Other: You can use the BLACK SOAP for everything that comes into contact with your pet; maintenance of kennels, carpets, toys, etc.

For organic farming

It can be used to wash the udders of cows and goats daily before milking. BLACK SOAP removes dirt and sanitizes all equipment while being safe for animals.

  • How to use: Dilute black soap in 1 litre of hot water. Using a clean cloth, gently wash the udders of the animals.

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