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A finish that is easy to apply, gives a beautiful patina and a beautiful luster, colors and restores the finishes. Carbamex paste wax is a pleasant product to use.

Carbamex Briançon wax is a vegetable wax made from Carnauba wax which is recommended for finishing furniture and woodwork. As a result Carbamex Paste Wax offers a more water resistant and stronger finish than beeswax or paraffin waxes. In addition, Carbamex Wax provides a deep lustre that will last over time without clogging the wood and is not sticky. Also Carbamex wax is very resistant to wear and does not remain marked by fingerprints. Furthermore with its light colour, it enhances the colour of the wood, adding a hue and a finish in one step.

It can serve as protection for several types of finishes:

Carbamex wax can be used on bare wood, already coloured, varnished, lacquered, on veneer or chipboard. It can also be used to create a finish and patina on finished projects with milk paint or Fusion mineral paint. Yet it is an excellent substitute much more resistant to beeswax for floors.

Compatible with many of our dyes such as: Tandem-1 Impregnating Oil. It is also ideal for preserving the colour of aging products such as Barn Wood Effect or Wood Aging Agent Blanchon.

Finally, Carbamex Paste Wax can be applied to wood already waxed with beeswax. In addition, this protection will improve the lustre and strength of the finish.

The Carbamex wax from Briançon offers a very sweet and pleasant smell to use.

How to use:


On bare wood; sand the wood with 220 grit paper.

Used to refurbish an existing finish; clean with # 000 steel wool or abrasive nylon pad slightly moistened with Citrus Solvent or Iso-diluant.


Apply carbamex was in thin layers using a # 000 Steel Wool Pad or a white abrasive nylon pad. The use of steel wool (# 000) scratches the surface, warms the wax and promotes the adhesion of carbamex wax. Allow to dry about an hour between coats and 24 hours before polishing. Once dry, shine with a stiff brush or with a white abrasive nylon pad.

Make several applications if the wood is very dry.

Cleaning tools:

Use Iso-Thinner or Citrus Solvent to clean brushes, spatula, or other tools used with wax.


Carnauba wax, microcrystalline wax, mineral spirits, turpentine and pigment.

Covering power:

500 ft2 / kg


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