Iso-Diluant – Diluent for Oil – Odourless Thinner – LIGNA

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Ligna Iso-Diluant is a slightly irritating and odourless solvent. It can dilute Ligna oils, as well as oil paints, vegetal oils, some resins, waxes, artist oil paints and oil-based varnishes. Perfect substitute for turpentine and mineral thinner. It is used to clean tools and brushes that have been used with oil-based products. It is an excellent degreaser.

Iso-Diluant is also used to help the wood penetration of vegetal oils, such as tung oil and hemp oil.

Even if this product is pleasant to use, always work in a ventilated environment to avoid excessive vapours concentration. Odourless, Iso-diluent offers practically zero toxicity, it is perfectly indicated for people who have allergy problems (hypoallergenic).


Refined Isoparaphinic solvent.


782 g/litre


500 ml/946 ml/3.78 litre/18.9 litre

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