Wood Mastic – Tube – Blanchon

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Blanchon Wood Mastic is suitable for both indoor and outdoor work. It is offered in a quality tube which closes and keep the product from drying. The Wood Mastic is ready to use, odourless and allows any fillings and repairs, from 2 to 6 mm deep. Its solid and very consistent formula adheres perfectly to bare wood. It can be tinted after drying and will look like invisible repairs.

  • Scentless;
  • Very solid;
  • Hardens quickly;
  • Perfectly tinted;
  • In tubes, ready for use;
  • Without solvent;
  • Strong adhesion;
  • Won’t crack;
  • Won’t retract;
  • Won’t fill sandpapers;
  • Inside and outside use.


The wood must be clean and free from any traces of old finish. Dust thoroughly.


Choose the shade closest to the wood that will be repaired. Generously fill the cracked parts (2 to 3 mm at a time) and quickly smoothen. If the crack is large, plant some small nails to consolidate the sealant adhesion.

After drying (about 2 hours for thicknesses up to 3 mm), sand to obtain a perfect surface. Dust thoroughly.

Drying time:

After a minimum of 2 hours


After 3 hours

Cleaning tools:

With water immediately after use.

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