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DIY – How to Make your Own Window Paint!

11 November 2022

I am not a fan of compulsively buying Christmas decorations that will end up in the trash.  I like things that aren’t complicated and don’t take forever to do.  I love things that are practical and have several functions at the same time🙂.

This is why I fell in love with a window paint recipe.  First, I was sorely lacking in Christmas decorations.  The thing is, I don’t buy much.  Secondly, my 5-year-old son was going to be able to unleash his holiday creativity on our huge kitchen window! 😀 Ultimate bliss! I work for a company that offers the main component of this window paint recipe, White Chalk.

First, I asked myself several questions which, in a mother’s opinion, are important:

Is White Chalk toxic?

(Like all powdered pigments, you must be careful not to inhale or swallow large quantities.  Therefore, if you don’t intend to make window painting a career, there are no counter-indications).

Does it clean off easily?

(YES it does!!!  White chalk is a mild, soft abrasive.  A little like baking soda. We remove the bulk with a damp cloth and pass again to remove what remains.  Not complicated, just the way mom’s love).

If I put colour in this paint, will it stay in the windows?

(I didn’t test with multiple components for colour.   I went with food colouring that I had in my cabinets, like most parents who aspire to be great bakers on their children’s birthday.  I didn’t overdo it, just a few drops to give a little pastel shade.  No streaks and no hassle!)

In short, after having had satisfactory answers to these questions, I made this simple recipe: 

  • One part white Chalk;
  • Two parts water;
  • A few drops of food colouring to obtain the desired colour;
  • Stencil optional.

It’s simple, the recipe adjusts to the thickness wanted.  You can also add more white chalk if you add more colouring.


Now you can enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate while the children play! 🙂 😀 😮

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