Oiled floor
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How to Refresh your Floor with TANDEM-2 Oil without the use of a machine?

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Refreshing a floor with TANDEM-2 can be done without the use of a machine on a healthy floor.  If yours are discoloured by wear, we advise you to start a new application.

One of the many advantages of oil is that while refreshing, no sanding is necessary and there is no need to remove the previous product. A simple cleaning beforehand is necessary.

An oiled residential floor, if used normally and well maintained, will need a refreshment coat only after 3 to 7 years.

Here is your ‘how to’ procedure!


Before starting your project, you must deep clean your surface area. You will want the new coat of oil to fuse with the previous one. The LIGNA line offers an intensive cleaner EXTREMO which is specially made to remove grease before applying a maintenance oil.

TANDEM-2 with tools

You will need:

At all times, your product must maintain a temperature higher than 10°C.  If your container stayed a long time below this temperature, we strongly suggest you do tests on a separate sample before moving along with your project. If in doubt, dispose of your expired product at an Eco-Center near you.


Your product must be very well mixed with a wood stick before application. You will prefer working on a dry day rather than a humid one as the oil will dry better. Only one coat of oil is necessary to refresh your wood finish.

Evaluate your surface area. The product must be wiped clean after 10 minutes, therefore, we suggest you work per area or per wood slab. Corners, or hard to reach areas, are simplified with a bleached cotton cloth or with a natural silk paintbrush. You will have more control and therefore will avoid any stain marks at the bottom of the walls.

Applicator on oiled floor

A thin coat only is necessary with a micro-fiber applicator, an applicator pad or a bleached cotton cloth. Your wood is already sealed with oil, it will not penetrate as much as on new wood and will remain sticky if it dries on the surface. If the coat you apply is too thick, it will be more difficult to wipe.

After applying the oil, wait 10 to 15 minutes before wiping in the direction of the grain of the wood. Oil that has not penetrated must be wiped off the surface.

Wiping the oiled floor with TANDEM-2

Rather simple, voilà!

Wait at least 24 hours before cautiously walking on the surface. Wait 72 hours before carefully replacing furniture, and more-or-less 6 days before normal use of the surface area. * These times are indicative only, if the weather is very humid, the product will take more time to dry.


A project is never really over until your material is put away. To clean your cotton cloths, lay them flat to dry before discarding. Flaxseed oil in TANDEM-2 in contact with cotton and heat can become flammable. Once the cloth is dry, there is no risk anymore. 

To clean off oil stains on your tools, use ISO-DILUANT. This soft solvent is odourless and therefore, is best for interior projects.


You most probably already know how to maintain your floors as this was a refreshment technique, nonetheless, here are basic tips. It is best to wait 10 to 15 days before cleaning with a humid mop or cloth.

For a regular cleaning, our LIGNA line offers excellent products especially designed for oiled surfaces such as SOLIA and SOLIA+ that you may use on rotation. An annual maintenance with GENERIO will delay refreshing periods of your oiled surfaces.

Room with TANDEM-2 refreshed floor

All you need now is a sleepover friend, you’ll see, they will be awed!