Tannic activator – Primer for Barn Wood Effect – Evo

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Tannic Activator is an impregnating agent that stimulates and increases the reaction of Barn Wood Effect. The Tannic Activator must be used as a primer for the Barn Wood Effect. Use the Tannic Activator on the woods where the aging reaction is not pronounced enough. It is used as much on planned, brushed or crude woods. It is not used alone.


The wood must be free of any finish. Sand the planed wood with a grain paper 100 or 120 to promote penetration. Shake the product well.


Apply with a brush, a roller, an applicator pad or a vapourizer. Allow the wood to be impregnated with a thin layer of products and wait at least 2 to 4 hours before applying Barn Wood Effect.


100 sq. Ft./Litre


946 ml/3.78 L/18.9 L


0 g/L


*** Always test to establish the dilution ratio according to the desired effect.

***Wear gloves

*** Keep out of reach of children

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