NaturaChaux – Lime Plaster – Concrete Effect – EVO

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NaturaChaux is a white wall coating, which can be coloured with natural powdered pigments. This whitewash is applied directly to an already whitewashed surface or on a PrimaireChaux primer coat. PrimaireChaux must be used before NaturaChaux when put on old cement plaster, gypsum products, gypsum blocks, plaster, paint, or when the wall’s surface is unknown before use.

Preparation: Important: Once the water has been added and mixed, the mixture should be applied. Once diluted, the product cannot be stored even in an airtight container. 

Incorporate gradually about 2.5 litres of warm water to a 4 kg bucket of NaturaChaux and mix well until you obtain a thick cream or plaster consistency. If you’ve added too much water, let the mixture rest before applying it. The amount of water may vary slightly depending on the colour, do not add all water at once and check the consistency to determine the exact amount.

Colouring: Add ONE dose of pigments per bucket of 4 kg of NaturaChaux. Mix the dry pigments and NaturaChaux before adding water. You should always keep aside coloured powder of undiluted products in case of further repairs. Do not add more pigment than recommended. To obtain a lighter colour, don’t add all the dose of pigment.

Application: Apply thin coats of Naturachaux (1 to 2 mm) circularly, with a stainless steel trowel.

Smoothing: Wait about 2 to 12 hours, until your fingers no longer stick to the applied product. Clean with a sponge soaked in a solution of water and black soap (30 ml/litre of water) or spray the solution directly on the surface. Smooth the wet surface with the trowel to seal the lime grain, create effects and correct imperfections. Make quick and short movements while applying pressure to crush the lime grain.

10,5 sq. Ft./ kg
These covering proportions may vary from one surface to another.

Finish (optional): 24 hours after the application of NaturaChaux you may apply a natural wax or MULTI-PROTECT by ÉVO for an easier maintenance, a greater lustre and a better protection when applied in wet places. You can apply a coloured wax to create nuanced effects.

To obtain the colors of this color chart, select a pre-measured pigment on this product


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