MARJO RENOV her living room with PRONTO!

This past summer I launched the ”MARJO RENOV” project on EVO HOME FINISHING’s social media with the update of my galleries. I really enjoyed the whole experience and I must confess, I was overwhelmed on a few “self-home small projects”.

If you have NO idea what the MARJO RENOV capsules are, I highly recommend you to check them out. Not to brag, but they are really entertaining.

I love what is recycled, and I must admit that I particularly like the look of natural wood. Our house has two pellet stoves, and we had to buy several pellet bags to keep us warm in winter. So we had a few wooden pallets lying around in the shed and a lot of projects in mind!

My boyfriend is my accomplice, so he made me a beautiful coffee table out of pallet wood. He even took advantage of the fact that I was going to have to oil it, so I could blog about it! It was great teamwork.



I must say that of all the colours available with PRONTO, I immediately fell in love with EBONY. Black is very glamorous and timeless. The oil is not opaque and the pigmentation marries with the colour of the wood, resulting in a black with a very dark brown tone. A beautiful warm hue for winter evenings.


Here is how I did it!

  • First I covered my floor with a large plastic sheet since I was working in my living room. Oil is much more liquid than paint and usually, you need to have a solvent nearby for small spills. Have I mentioned that I’m clumsy? No? I’m no stranger to messes.
  • I chose to apply PRONTO with a brush and an applicator pad. The brush is easier to get between the cracks and through the many holes of the wood. The pad is great for flat surfaces, and it doesn’t leave too much oil on the area. Always remember, an oil that dries on the surface remains sticky !!!
  • I sanded with 120 grit to open the wood grain. Unlike paint which sits on the surface, the oil must penetrate deep into the wood. That’s why you have to sand before applying oil. Wood from pallets is more rougher and irregular, which gives a beautiful rustic effect! However, you must be careful to sand carefully to eliminate the risk of splinters.
  • Applying oil with a brush is not the cheapest way to apply the PRONTO. It leaves more oil on the surface than the wood can absorb, so there’s a bit more waste when wiping it off. This isn’t so bad for small projects, but it’s often better to apply with an applicator pad when possible.
  • After waiting a few minutes, as recommended on the label, I wiped off the excess product on the surface with a white cotton cloth. If you leave the excess product on the surface without wiping it off, it is likely to remain sticky. A sticky tabletop is unpleasant to the touch.
  • After doing both sides (I started with the underside of the table for practical reasons), I waited the required time before using my table, a minimum of 9 hours. Do not place hot cups directly on the surface and avoid anything that is damp or wet. I recommend that you read the product webpage for all the maintenance instructions. In Marjo’s words, LIGNA’s web pages are ”on the mark”.

This table used a little more than a 237 mL can. Since the brush application caught me short, I had to buy an extra container. I didn’t have it at home, so I rushed to the store to get a second one! Okay, I was fast on my feet here, but there are no apparent overlap marks at all.

So, what to do with the rest of the container? My boyfriend made me some window tablets just so I could put some fresh greenery in my kitchen. Here are some pictures!

I most likely would have found a very nice and cheap piece of furniture for my living room on used product sales platforms, but I really wanted to have something unique and rustic.

Now I look at my table and can say that I am really glad. It is far from perfect, but in my opinion, there is a certain amount of perfection in any imperfection. That’s what makes me love it even more.

Marjorie, Marketing Assistant,