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Hemp Oil, an Uncompromising Ecological Finish!

10 November 2022

huile de chanvre

Hemp oil is a little-known wood finishing product on the market.  This oil has been used on wood for a few decades, but as it is made by small producers, few measures have been established to make it known and market it.  This is what has made it a marginal and unknown product.

With the growth in the use of hemp fiber in buildings and textiles, this renewable resource offers interesting properties.  It has favoured the exposure of several hemp producers in Quebec.

Hemp oil is also gaining popularity in our pantry.  Either as a component in various by-products or simply pure, to enhance salads and other cooked dishes.

Always with an objective to offer you healthy finishes and to minimize our carbon impact, we took a closer look into this product.  Its siccative properties and its appearance, lighter than linseed oil or tung oil, make it a product that will certainly find its place in your workshop.  This oil can be used to protect wooden kitchen tools such as wood spoons or even cutting boards.

As we are concerned about the Quebec economy, this local product fits perfectly with the “buy from home” movement and promotes our participation in a local economy.

Offering a 100% vegetable product is directly related to our values.  Furthermore, we wanted it to be organically grown!  The use of pesticides in agriculture is also a concern for us and we want to be a part of the organic line of products.

We have entered into a partnership with a Quebec organic hemp producer to offer you a pure product with the lowest possible impact on our environment.  EVO HOME FINISHINGS is proud to now offer our first 100% Quebec finishing product! “From the seed … to your workshop”.

Éric Jean, PDG


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