Our range of finishing products meets the needs of multiple industries. We offer floor oils, wood wax, wood varnish, and several more products to ensure a perfect finish for your wood. Our products respect the environment and are of the highest quality. No matter your field, we have the best products for your projects.

The EVO Home Finishing Offer


Professional Quality

All the products distributed by EVO Home Finishing meet and exceed the highest quality and efficiency standards before we distribute them. Whether you are an artisan, a tinkerer, or a floor sanding business, we offer you professional quality products.


Eco-Friendly & Safe

Your health and the environment are priorities at EVO Home Finishing. This is why we offer products that aim to reduce your ecological footprint. Our products, such as solvent-free oil, wood glue, and wood cleaners are made from vegetal products or isoparaffin to limit VOC.


Serving Multiple Industries

We are proud to offer products that meet the needs of various industries and those of wood artisans. Whether you are an individual or a business, we certainly have the wood products that you need to guarantee an impeccable finish for your wood.


Top-Quality Consulting Service

Our wood finish specialists are at your service if you need help finding the perfect product for your project. Our team is ready to help and give you expert advice during our opening hours. Do not hesitate to ask for our help! We’ll be happy to serve you.


 Expedited Parcel Delivery

We prepare and ship your order the day after or within three working days following the reception of your order. Delivery delays may vary outside Quebec. We also offer free delivery for orders over $100 in Quebec and Ontario and $200 anywhere in the rest of Canada.


Satisfaction Guarantee

At EVO Home Finishing, we care about your satisfaction. If the product received isn’t suitable or isn’t consistent with its description, we accept returns free of charge within the 30 days following the reception of your order. We’ll also take care of transport fees and refund you as soon as we receive the product.

Enjoy the benefits

We offer our customers top-of-the-line wood finish products. Your projects will never have looked so good as with the products distributed by EVO Home Finishing. Besides their high quality, our finishing products are:

    • Environmentally friendly (for example, our solvent-free oils)
    • Ideal for any industries, such as wood artisans, floor sanding companies, and wood products manufacturers
    • Delivered quickly to your address

We also offer world-renowned brands such as LIGNA® wood oils. Enjoy all those benefits by choosing EVO Home Finishing as your official wood finish products distributor.

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