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Tradition Wood Mastic is an environmentally friendly, solvent-free product made with natural and biodegradable components. Over time this product will not blacken, it will remain bound to the woods, it will not dry out, it will not become powdery and its colouring of natural pigments will remain stable. Easy to apply, it smoothes without rolling under the spatula and becomes very hard after drying. You can cut the repaired wood without breaking it, screw it, nail it and sand it.

Tradition Wood Mastic is a fine-grained finishing paste used by cabinet makers to achieve a smooth, non-shrinking finish. It is often used for the last repairs before the application of the finish. For larger repairs, use Wood Mastic Bi by Briançon.

Briançon Tradition Wood Mastic is compatible with most finishes. You can cover it with lacquer, varnish, oil or wax.


The wood must be dry and clean. Free from old wax or dirt traces (sanded and pickled if necessary). Pre-dusting is recommended.


Choose the shade of the Tradition Wood Mastic closest to the desired final colour. Mix the product before use with a spatula. If the mastic is too hard, heat it slightly in a bain-marie or simply on a skirting board. Seal and cover cracks and small holes in one application with the spatula. After drying, between 4 and 24 hours depending on the size of the crack and the humidity of the room, the Tradition Wood Mastic should be lightly sanded to obtain a perfect finish.


Animal glues, pigments and water


300 g/1 kg

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