WFI-424 – Wood Floor Adhesive – EVO

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WFI-424 by EVO is a solvent free adhesive, rubber based, high tack adhesive for the installation of engineered wood plank flooring, wood parquet including exotic woods on cured concrete, T&G plywood or sub-floor agglomerate boards. WFI-424 can be used for double glue-down installations of rubber based acoustic membranes to floors and wood parquet over acoustic membrane.

  • For the installation of engineered wood plank flooring, wood parquet, exotic woods, plywood, agglomerate boards and acoustic membrane ;
  • For double glue down installations ;
  • Ready to use ;
  • Solvent free ;
  • High tack.


Surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants. You need to acclimate at room temperature (20°C) 24 hours before, during and after installation. Best bonds
are obtained when moisture content of wood ranges between 8% and 12%; concrete floors must be fully cured and free from moisture and hydrostatic pressure. On floor with heating system, system must be turned off 48 hours prior to and during the installation of the flooring; after 72 hours, the system can be turned on gradually up to 27°C.


It is ready to use, no mixing necessary. Spread adhesive with a 5mm (3/16’’x3/16’’x3/16’’) V notched trowel held at 45°. Apply adhesive evenly on surface which can be covered in about 20 minutes. Leave 6mm (1/4’’) minimum space uncovered along the walls and permanent structures for normal wood expansion. Install the parquet then press it down into
the glue by using a rubber mallet or walking on it in both directions step by step. Check for adhesive transfer to the back of the parquet. The finished installation should be immediately rolled in both directions with a 100 lbs roller. Let dry 24 hours before allowing heavy traffic or moving furniture.


Clean hands and tools immediately after use with warm water. If adhesive has dried, use ISO-DILUANT by LIGNA® or mineral spirits with a clean white cotton cloth. FOLLOW MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS AND PRECAUTIONS FOR THE SOLVANT OR CLEANER.


Store indoor in a cool, dry location between 10°C and 35°C. Keep container closed when not in use. Protect from freezing. Product is freeze-thaw stable if frozen not lower than -10°C in transit.


Consult industry standards. Follow all appropriate building code requirements. Refer to wood flooring manufacturer’s recommendation for layout, expansion space requirements, and detailed installation instructions. Room temperature must be kept at 20°C and at relative humidity of 35% – 55% one week before the installation and thereafter. For indoor use only. For basement floors or areas below grade, a subfloor should be built over a vapour barrier or the application of a coat of liquid membrane. For double glue-down installation (wood flooring over acoustical membrane), lay the membrane while the adhesive is wet (less than 20 minutes of drying).


Surface conditions, product application, storage and transport are beyond the manufacturer’s control; liability, if any, is limited to the replacement of product ONLY. Product made for sale and use in Canada only.


This product contains no added formaldehyde urea resin. The use of this product may contribute in obtaining LEED credits.


1 Liter covers approximatively 1.8 m2 (19 sq.ft) in surface area.