White Chalk – Evo

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Meudon white is a calcium carbonate. It is also called Spanish white or white chalk. It is used in the composition of pigments and linseed oil-based paints and casein paint (milk paint). It is also widely used with rabbit skin glue for the manufacture of traditional Gessos, which is used to coat linen canvas before painting.

Meudon white is used as a powder medium to contain the colour without modifying, lightening or nuancing it. Sometimes it is used pure or combined with fatty substances to: trace on the body, as a simple basis for the fabrication of coatings, or as a contribution of calcium carbonate in the field of the arts of fire.

The Meudon White also enters in the composition of lime coatings and lime milk.

Meudon white is a very fine and slightly abrasive white powder containing calcium carbonate.

Meudon White is also used to shine marble, silverware, copper and stainless steel. For cleaning, mix with a small amount of water to create a paste. Rub for cleaning or polishing metals or porous stones.

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