UVIO – UV Protective Primer – LIGNA

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UV Protector with Excellent Protection against Greying!

UVIO by LIGNA® is a UV protective primer for wood that delays greying and premature ageing caused by sunlight. Its formula based on powerful anti-UV agents and a water-based resin will deeply penetrate the wood without altering the colour. UVIO is the ideal primer to considerably extend the protection of your wood surfaces, especially light colours with low pigmentation. This product must be covered with two coats of LIGNA® HYBRI-DECK or a water-based exterior finishing product. UVIO can be used with all HYBRI-DECK colours to improve performance and extend resurfacing intervals. It is imperative to protect UVIO from water. Never use UVIO without a finish.

UVIO + HYBRI-DECK Natural = Very good UV protection
UVIO + HYBRI-DECK Coloured = Excellent UV protection

  • Prolongs protection against UV rays
  • Very good protection with light colours
  • Blocks UV rays and delays the greying of wood
  • For domestic and professional use
  • Ideal for horizontal and vertical projects
  • Delays degradation and fading of the finish
  • Allows less frequent maintenance


All exterior vertical or horizontal wood surfaces


The surface must be clean and free of any finishing product. The outside temperature must be above 10°C. If the surface is greying, clean with LIGNA DEGRIO. Sand the surface in the direction of the wood grain with 80 grit paper for softwoods and 60 grit paper for very hardwoods. Dust off the surface with a vacuum or compressed air. Stir the product well with a stick before application


Apply with a synthetic brush in the direction of the wood grain. Rub the product into the wood with the brush so that it penetrates the wood completely without a surface film. On very absorbent wood such as sawn timber, a second coat may be necessary.


Allow to dry 4 hours before coating. Apply the finish before 24 hours.


Water with mild soap.


80 to 150 ft2 [7 to 14 m2] per litre on planed wood and depending on the density of the wood.


  • 946 ml [LIG-UV-946]
  • 3.78 L [LIG-UV-378]
  • 18.9 L [LIG-UV-189]


UVIO is compatible with hybrid oils and water-based film-forming stain products.

Do not use with oils such as EXTERIA.

UVIO is compatible with all softwoods and non-greasy exotic woods.


2 to 3 years in an airtight container without air space, indoors. Store in a cool, dry place.