UV Protector – Vertical exterior wood – Blanchon

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UV Protector – Vertical Exterior Wood – Blanchon

Effective colourless protection for exterior woods. All species: Softwoods, Exotic, Country Wood including Roasted and Autoclaved.

  • Colourless, anti-UV impregnation
  • Apply on all woods before the Top Coat for UV Protector
  • Non-film forming
  • Will not flake
  • Used on vertical surfaces only


This product is ready for use, do not dilute. Shake well before and during the application.

Sand the wood with 80 grit sandpaper. If the wood is grey, clean with the LIGNA DEGRIO. On roasted wood, perform a grip test on a discrete spot before application over the entire surface.

On new wood – perfect adhesion on a healthy, clean and dry wood.

On old wood – must be laid bare: strip, sand and dust.


Apply the UV Protector in the wood grain direction, paying particular attention to scratches, joints and ends.

Number of coats

The UV Protector must always be covered by the Top Coat for UV Protector.

Do not leave more than 24 hours before applying Top Coat for UV Protector.

A second layer is needed only on very absorbent species.


Drying “dry to the touch”: about 1 hour.

Drying “recoatable”: about 4 hours under normal conditions.

Covering power

129 p2/litre

Disposal of residues

Thoroughly wring the material after application. Wipe well. Rinse in a container with little water only. Let evaporate and throw the residues in the trash. Close the container well after use. Do not put residues in the sewer.

Dispose of contents and containers to an approved landfill.


Store away from frost.

Do not apply below 12 ° c

For more information, please consult the product data sheet for this product, available on request or at on behalf of Conditioner.