NaturaChaux Trial Kit with PrimaireChaux – EVO

15.19 $X

NaturaChaux is a white wall coating, which can be coloured with natural powdered pigments. This lime-based coating is applied directly on a surface already covered with lime or on a PrimaireChaux primer. It is mandatory to apply a primer on an old cement coating, gypsum product, plaster tiles, plaster, paint or whenever the support of a wall is unknown before using NaturaChaux.

For more information, visit the product page here: NaturaChaux


The powdered pigment is already included in the 500 g. NaturaChaux jar (For the Trial Kit only)


550g: 500g of NaturaChaux + 50g of Lime Primer


5.3 sq. ft. per Trial Kit (550g)