TRANSITION – High Hiding Paint – FUSION

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Made from recycled pigments, TRANSITION paint offers high coverage. This product is designed to be applied over a dark colour when you want to cover with a light colour of FUSION™ Mineral Paint.


TRANSITION does not have the same adhesion or durability as our FUSION™ Mineral Paint. It is made using recycled pigments, which is why it is lower cost! TRANSITION is not a primer and does not seal or block the passage of resin or tannin, and should be used on ready and prepared surfaces. Be sure to use a shellac-based primer to prevent tannin bleed through.


Let dry 2 to 4 hours between each coat of paint.

Surface must be clean and dry. Clean with our phosphate-free TSP organic degreaser. Surfaces other than bare wood must be lightly sanded. For glass, metal or glossy plastic, we recommend applying a coat of Bonding Agent beforehand.


If applied over a FUSION™ Mineral Paint: Clean the surface with our TSP, allow to dry and apply one coat of FUSION™ Mineral Paint. Apply one coat of TRANSITION. Cover with FUSION™.

If applied over varnish or other finish: TRANSITION is not as adherent as FUSION™ Mineral Paint, it is not applied as a first coat. It is designed to save you a coat of paint if you want to paint white on a dark surface. Prepare the surface properly and apply one coat of FUSION™. Let dry and apply one to two coats of TRANSITION depending on the colour. Cover with FUSION™.


Must be covered with a coat of FUSION™ Mineral Paint. TRANSITION is not designed to be applied as a topcoat.