Touch up marker – Briançon

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Briançon Correction Felt Pens are used to mask the surface breakage or wood imperfections of your furniture. These retouching felt can be used on most finishes; lacquered, varnished, waxed or oiled.

Briançon Touch up marker are available in several colours, matching the different shades of wood. They can also be used to mask repairs carried out with Powdered Bi-Mastic, Traditional Wood Mastic or E800 Mastic.

Briançon Felt Pens are ready to use. Made of quality inks, it colours the area permanently and dries quickly.


First make a test on a non-apparent area to validate the choice of colour. Use the touch-up pen on a dust-free surface. Simply pass the felt over the area to be masked, then level off with a dry cloth and allow to dry.

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