TECH-WOOD Stain Blanchon

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Protect and beautify your siding, cladding, fencing and all vertical wood surfaces with TECH-WOOD Stain Blanchon. The TECH-WOOD Stain is a dye that creates a protective film against weather and UV rays. Blanchon’s TECH-WOOD is a technical innovation, it binds to wood and unlike other dyes, it keeps its flexibility. It will follow the movements of the wood during climatic variations, won’t crack and will protect your surface from water infiltration.

TECH-WOOD stain is compatible with all types of wood: spruce, pine, red or white cedar, larch, treated wood, exotic wood and roasted wood. Its creamy consistency facilitates its application, avoids dripping and brush marks. It is enhanced with a double UV protection by its anti-UV additives and its pigmentation.


Polyurethane-acrylic water-based.

Surface preparation:

The surface must be clean and free of old finish, grease or resin. If the wood is absorbent, clean it with citrus solvent or acetone.

TECH-WOOD stain is ready for use, do not dilute.

Sand the wood with 80 grit paper to create a grip for the product. No sanding is required on the brushed wood.

Shake well before use; let stand a few minutes for the product to regain its creamy consistency. Do not apply at temperatures below 12 ° C and relative humidity above 85%.


Apply a generous and even layer with a brush in the direction of the wood grain. Do not apply to wood with moisture levels greater than 12% or outdoors when atmospheric conditions may degrade within 12 hours.

Apply 2 coats of pigmented products. For very absorbent woods, apply a third, colourless coat.

For a softer surface, you can sand lightly between the 120 grit paper layers.

Drying time:

  • Dust free: 1 hour
  • Between layers: 3 hours
  • Full: 24 hours


When the surface begins to become dull, degrease it with a TSP and sand lightly before applying a new coat of TECH-WOOD.



Covering power:

On flat wood: between 130 and 150 ft2/litre depending on the type of wood.

On brushed wood: the first layer will consume 50% more products.

Tools cleaning: