Steel Wool for wood finishing- Briançon

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The steel wool Briançon is especially developed for the preparation and wood finishing works. Stripping and polishing of high quality. This product is made of superfine long steel wires and is available in a roll, it is best than little pads offered in the super center. The Briançon steel wool lose little metal particulles there can will incrust in the wood.

Usages of the steel wool Briançon

#2 grade: is made for the stripping and suppression of old waxes and to remove rust from painted surfaces. Ideal for cleanning hard surfaces like metal, wrought iron, and all rusted metal elements

#000 grade: Special polishing is made is the best for applying an polishing the Carbamex paste wax and other wax. You can used for matting high glossin varnish. Application of cleaners, solvents and general cleaning applications where a total scratch free surface is essential.It is particularly suitable when applying Wood dye, polishing metals and Deoxidiser


Pack of the 150 g


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