Steel Wool – Anciens Ébénistes

10.95 $X

The steel wool Anciens Ébenistes is a high-quality steel wool that has been developed especially for wood finishing work. First of all, its long braiding and strength minimizes the loss of metal particles that could seep into the pores of the wood.

Since it’s sold in rolled skein, it is much more practical than conventional buffer steel wool. The grain of European steel wool is measured differently than the North American. There is one less zero, so the # 000 of the Anciens Ébenistes is # 0000 in North American wool.


Grade # 0: Suitable to remove dirt, grime, discoloration, old wax polish, flaking paint work…

Grade # 00: Useful for stripping most wood finishes in conjunction with extra strong stripper. And most of all will not scratch the wood surface.

Grade # 000:  To matt a high gloss finish and for the application of buffing wax to replicate a genuine antique finish. Use to clean, polish and remove light surface rust from metal. Not recommended for silver plate and E.P.N.S.