STAN PROTECT – Tannin blocker – OWATROL

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STAN PROTECT by OWATROL is a clear, penetrating tannin blocker that prevents the bleeding and leaching of tannins from woods high in extractives and also the discolouration of finishes on interior softwoods. Forming a barrier within the wood, STAN PROTECT blocks the tannins, preventing them from reaching the surface where they will discolour a finish or stain.

It is applied before film forming protection: stain, paint, glaze, varnish

You can overcoat STAN PROTECT with any film forming oil or water based stain (Semi-transparent or Opaque).

Coverage: 107 to 129 ft2 – 10 to 12 m2/L coat.

Application temperature: +10°C to +30°C.

Dry: 2 hours / Recoat: 4-6 hours.


  • Prevents discoloration of finishes caused by tannin bleed/staining;
  • Improves penetration and opacity of finishes;
  • Blocks tannin bleed/leaching – Improves adhesion of the finish;
  • Colourless – Does not hide the wood grain;
  • Easy application;
  • Quick drying;
  • Extends the life of a finish – Prevents premature aesthetic and physical degradation of the finish;
  • Limits yellowing or browning of light coloured interior softwoods – Pine, Spruce, Larch;
  • Use on exterior and Interior, vertical or horizontal surfaces.


  • Mix the product before use;
  • Apply on clean, non-greasy and perfectly dry wood;
  • Clean and bleach it with the LIGNA DEGRIO, then rinse;
  • If your surface is stained, use LIGNA RESTOR-DECK;
  • Protect everything that should not be applied.


  • Ready to use, shake or stir well before use;
  • With a brush, roller or spray, apply one liberal, even, saturating application of STAN PROTECT to all wood surfaces;
  • Allow to dry (2 hours);
  • STAN PROTECT must be covered within 48 hours otherwise you will have to shell off before applying the finish.


Always do a test beforehand.


Clean all tools and equipment with EVO BLACK SOAP and water immediately after use.

FAQ – I have an oak siding what should I do not to have a tannin rise?

Some woods are said to be “tannic” such as oak, chestnut, red cedar … They are subject to brownish spikes. STAN PROTECT is an insulator which limits and slows down this phenomenon thus preserving the beauty of the woods. Applied before a suitable finish it also help the adhesion of the finish.

Technical Sheet

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