Stain and Finishing Oil – All In One – FUSION

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STAIN AND FINISHING OIL – ALL IN ONE – Fusion ™ is environmentally friendly and easy to use.

This finishing oil offers a harmonious combination of a durable topcoat with a selection of natural colours stain. It offers exceptional durability. It can be used on wooden surfaces that are subject to heavy traffic such as tabletops, kitchen cabinets and even floors. STAIN AND FINISHING OIL – ALL IN ONE – Fusion ™ is the ideal solution to protect and colour bare wood without hiding its grain.

STAIN AND FINISHING OIL is made from natural oils and resins that penetrate the wood fibres to create a durable, scratch-resistant and waterproof finish. Unlike varnishes, it does not leave a film on the surface which flake off with wear and tear. It deeply impregnates and integrates into the wood to make it more resistant to scratches. It is ideal for applying on wooden tabletops, as it has excellent abrasion resistance.

It can also be used on previously painted surfaces for a faux finish effect. You can mix and match the different oil shades for a multitude of possibilities, with the trendy colours offered by Fusion ™ paint.

Very easy to use, low odour and environmentally friendly! This oil is as easy to use as it is to love!


  • Sand the wood evenly with 120 grit sandpaper.
  • Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or a resin cloth.
  • Mix with a stick, do not shake before application.


  • Apply evenly with a brush or an applicator pad.
  • On rough wood, remove excess after 15-20 minutes maximum. On surfaces already painted with Fusion ™ Mineral Paint, remove excess immediately.
  • Apply a new coat after 9 hours. More coats increase durability, opacity and shine.
  • Dry to the touch after approximately 9 hours.
  • Ready for normal use after about 3 days.
  • The hardening time is 10 days, after which the surface can be cleaned with soap and water.


A 237 mL container covers approximately 12 to 22 m2 (40 to 75 square feet), depending on the density of the wood.

It is therefore 2 to 3 times more coverage than water-based stains.


Spills and tools should be cleaned with mineral spirits such as LIGNA® ISO-DILUANT.


Store the product at a minimum temperature of 15 ˚C.