SOLID COLOR STAIN – Outdoor Opaque Wood Finish – OWATROL

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OWATROL SOLID COLOR STAIN is a high quality, water-based impregnating stain used to protect and decorate all types of outdoor wood surfaces. This product provides effective protection for siding, beams, trim, furniture, woodwork and more! Its remarkable adhesion and beautiful matte finish make it the product of choice to preserve the finishes of your wood, concrete and even PVC. Although this product was designed for outdoor use, it can also be used as an interior finish on furniture or even on plank wall! Its deep impregnation will let the wood grain show through while being opaque, which gives excellent UV protection makes it a product designed for our changing Canadian climate. OWATROL’s SOLID COLOR STAIN is a product that has long proven its quality in Europe and ÉVO Home Finishing is pleased to bring it to Canada for you today.

  • Fast drying
  • Excellent resistance to bad weather conditions
  • Perfect impregnation of the wood
  • Very easy to apply
  • Very high colour resistance.
  • Trendy matte decorative appearance that lets the natural wood grain show through
  • Can be applied on all new or old prepared wood
  • Microporous product (lets the wood breathe)
  • Excellent durability without peeling
  • Resistance to peeling: 5 years on horizontal surfaces (except floors) and 15 years on vertical surfaces

Important : Even if the SOLID COLOR STAIN can be used on horizontal surfaces, ÉVO Home Finishing recommends an outdoor oil finish such as EXTÉRIA or HYBRI-DECK by LIGNA for floors since it is easier to maintain (very matte finishes are porous and allow dirt to settle easily, which is not ideal for floors)


The surface must be clean, dry and prepared. Humidity must be 18% maximum.

Pro tip: For each coat, mix the containers together to avoid any possible shade variation.

  • For new wood, perform a water drop test to check the impregnability of the wood. If it is absorbed immediately, you can apply the SOLID COLOR STAIN directly. If the water has difficulty penetrating, let the wood dry.
  • For untreated greyed wood, treat with LIGNA DEGRIO and rinse thoroughly. Let the wood dry at least 2 days and sand with 80 grit before application. Dust off and apply the SOLID COLOR STAIN.
  • For previously stained or oiled wood, it is preferable to treat with LIGNA RESTOR-DECK and rinse thoroughly. Let the wood dry at least 2 days and sand with 80 grit. Dust off and apply the SOLID COLOR STAIN.
    For previously varnished or painted wood, create an anchoring profile to ensure hold. Sand the wood to 80 grit, taking care to remove all traces of flaking. Dust off and apply the SOLID COLOR STAIN.


Mix well before application. Apply one coat of SOLID COLOR STAIN with a brush or a roller to the entire board in the direction of the wood grain. Let dry 3-4 hours. Apply a second coat.

NB: In the case of a spray application, plan a smoothing with a brush or roller to avoid any possible dripping and to facilitate penetration.


  • Between coats: 3 to 4 hours.
  • Light traffic: 4 to 7 days depending on weather conditions.
  • Final hardness: 12 to 15 days.




86-107 ft2/L per coat (8-10 M2/L per coat).


225 mL | 946 mL | 3.78 L | 18.9 L




Maintain with a cleaner for outdoor surfaces like EXTROLIA by LIGNA. For surfaces highly exposed to weather and humidity, apply a refreshing coat as needed depending on surface condition.

The resistance against peeling is 5 years for horizontal surfaces (except floors) and 15 years on vertical surfaces.


Store in a dry, temperate area. Fear frost.


Keep out of reach of children.

CAUTION: The images of the colors below may differ from reality. It is preferable to try the color on a non exposed surface before complete application. If you buy several containers for the same project, mix them together.

Safety data sheet

Technical data sheet (soon)