Shellac fill stick – Briançon

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The Carbamex shellac stick from Briançon is very effective for the repair of varnished wood and wood chips. Carbamex shellac stick are used to reseal scratches, gaps and imperfections in varnished or lacquered finishes in furniture, cabinets, floors and woodwork.

Carbamex shellac sticks can only be used with varnished or lacquered finishes. They are very popular with antique dealers and furniture restorers. They make repairs quick and easy.


Carbamex shellac sticks are very hard and dry quickly. Simply heat them with an iron or spatula, heat them above the surface to be repaired to melt them and fill the hole. Fill generously with a slight surplus to compensate for shrinkage during drying. When the shellac is well cooled, brush with a sharp chisel to remove the excess. It is important to choose the shade closest to the color to be repaired.


Hard shellac


Hot water