Set of three abrasive sponges – Flat edge – SIA

8.09 $X

Siasponge Block sanding sponges are ideal for small finishing jobs. Manufactured to the high standards of SIA’s professional abrasive range. Siasponge Block marry shapes to make sanding work easier on both straight surfaces and profiles. SIA does not use solvents in the manufacture of Siasponge Block. Their color codes make it easy to identify particle size.

This package includes all three colors; orange, yellow & green, needed at all stages of a normal preparation. Sponges have flat edges for ease of work in 90-degree angles.


  • Preparation of wood, metals or plastics;     
  • Facilitates sanding in hard to reach places;     
  • Abrasive on all four sides;     
  • Low fouling;     
  • Distribution of pressure;     
  • Resists deformation;     
  • Use more than once     
  • Easy color code;

Size :

 2 3/4 ”  X  3 3/4″  X   1 ”

69 mm x 98 mm x 26 mm


Orange – Medium – for removal

Yellow – Fine – for preparation

Green – Super fine – for finishing