Set of 6 Abrasive Pads with Holder – EVO

30.69 $X

Set of 6 abrasive pads with holder for polishing, buffing and cleaning!

EVO abrasive pads with holder are ideal for polishing, buffing and cleaning surfaces. The white pad is for polishing finishes and the blue pad* is for cleaning and penetrating oil during application. The pads are designed to be attached to a velcro backing to apply more force during use. EVO pads are recommended for the application of LIGNA natural wood oils to polish and shine surfaces. They are made of 100% natural recycled fibres and certified for rapid biodegradability.

  • Ideal for finishing oiled wood
  • Adapts well to the contours of the surface
  • Waterproof (will not rust)
  • Made of 100% natural fibres reinforced with abrasive particles.
  • Removes light scratches and dirt while providing a brilliant shine.


3 x white sanding pads (4.5 x 10″)

3 x blue sanding pads (4.5 x 10″)

1 x velcro threaded holder


White (Polishing, waxing and cleaning): Ultra fine

Blue (Polishing and cleaning) : Medium to semi-aggressive

* : The blue pad is the equivalent of the red pad for this type of product. (Pads for velcro support)