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Professional – of wood finishing products

Evo Home Finishing also serve professionals of the wood finishing and decorating industries. Our “Professional” program offers several advantages to favor the access of our products to professional customers. Whether you are an entrepreneur, craftsman, decorator, floor finisher, cabinet maker, wood turner or anyone else who might be interested in our ranges for professional purposes. This program will surely interest you.


  • Discount on products
  • Fast delivery service
  • Technical Support
  • Product Data Sheet
  • Color sample
  • Customer reference system interested in a turnkey service in your sector
  • Advertising Banner on our website in the “Professional” section

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Be a professional in the field
  • Have a regular need for our products
  • Be registered as a company or a self-employed person in Quebec business directories

Be professional and distinguish yourself from your competitors by offering your customers different, trendy products that are environmentally oriented.

Work with premium product lines, easy to apply with an impressive render.

Join our philosophy to help us making you evolve in a more natural environment, reduce your impact on the planet and take care of your health, that of your employees and your customers.

Join our “Professional” program, be an evolving entrepreneur with the Evo Finish team.

Go for it !
Fill out the information request form or contact our customer service department 1-888-987-2885

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