Rust Spirit – Rust activator – OWATROL

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A natural Rust Activator to create decorative effects on bare ferrous metals or other surfaces coated with the special rust paint REACTIV LEAF RUST.


Use as is. Do not thin. Shake well before use.

  1. Apply RUST SPIRIT by spray or using one of the “Application” tools. Rust formation will start quickly. If rust does not occur on ferrous metals there is a protective film on the surface and this should be removed before re-applying RUST SPIRIT.
  2. Repeat application of RUST SPIRIT at regular intervals (15-30 minutes) until the desired effect and
    colour has been achieved.
  3. Once the desired decorative effect has been achieved the rusting process should be stopped and protected, one of two ways.
  4. To protect: Apply a coat of an ultra-matt varnish like Blanchon OCEANIC


Applying RUST SPIRIT to areas in an irregular manner will create a very natural final effect




10-15 m2/L

107-161 sq. ft./L

Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet