Rosin Resin – Gum rosin or pine resin (Powdered)

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Rosin resin is also called arcanson or pine resin. Rosin resin is a residue from the distillation of pine gum in the manufacture of turpentine. Rosin is used in the manufacture of varnishes, it is often combined with other resins. Pine resin is soluble in organic solvents such as denatured alcohol, citrus solvent and turpentine.

Rosin is also used in the composition of some oil, to strengthen and improve the luster. It is also found in paint, wax or glue. It is also used for stringed musical instruments and for violin bows.

Combined with Canadian shellac and balm, Rosin is useful for the composition of a very strong varnish.

Imported from Brazil, Brazilian rosin is of superior quality.

100% pure.

As per U.S. Code of Federal Regulation (Title 21); our Rosin Resin is safe to be in indirect contact with food, for food wrapping and packaging.

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