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The Blanchon Varnished Floor Renovator is very effective in restoring shine to a scratchy and dull varnished floor. It lustrates, refreshes and restores their new appearance while extending their life span. Non-slip (tested according to NF EN 13036-4) and non-yellowing, the Renovator is compatible with all varnishes both water-based and solvent-based. Its high adhesion makes it also usable on vinyl floors.

Thanks to its fine components the Renovator closes the pores, protect against clogging and forms a film of great homogeneity, It offers high resistance to black marks and repeated passages. No need to polish it.

  • Non-slippery;
  • Silicone free;
  • Scentless;
  • Won’t yellow or flakes;
  • For the maintenance of all varnished parquet floors subject to heavy traffic;
  • Suitable for varnished floors, floating floors, varnished corks and vinyl floors.


Your surface must be clean, degreased and dry. Use Blanchon Heavy Duty Cleaner (1 L in 10 L of water) and rinse thoroughly with a well-wrung cloth to obtain a clean surface. Before using the Renovator on a freshly varnished surface allow to dry and harden for 10-day minimum.


Apply 1 or 2 coats of Renovator with a microfibre applicator or mop.
Allow to dry for 1 hour between layers. Walk carefully after 90 to 120 minutes.

Tool cleaning:

Wash immediately after use with water and our Heavy duty cleaner from Blanchon.


mat or satin


500 sq. Ft./Litre per coat

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