Salad Bowl Finish – Homestead House

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Homestead House beeswax is an edible wax for salad bowls and for food contact surfaces. Natural and nontoxic. It is ideal for giving an old patina to your furniture, wooden food tools, chopping boards, wood painted with milk paint and dyed, toys and wooden furniture for children. This beeswax is a paste wax composed mainly of bleached beeswax.

  • 100% natural     
  • Without VOC     
  • Biodegradable     
  • Safe for the environment     
  • Does not contain any chemicals


Make sure the surface is clean. If necessary, clean with TSP. On bare wood, it is best to apply one or two coats of tung oil or hemp as a sealer before applying the wax. Sand lightly with 400 grit sandpaper or # 000 fine steel wool or with a white nylon pad.


The surface must be dry. Apply with a wax brush, a clean, non-sparkling white cloth or a cotton wick. Once the wax is completely dry (about 1 1/2 hours) polish with a cotton cloth or a polishing brush for better luster. Often two layers are necessary to obtain a beautiful luster.


Apply a thin layer twice a year for furniture and every two months for kitchen tools.