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Wood Mastic – Fast Powder – Briançon

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Briançon Wood Mastic-Bi is an environmentally friendly and solvent-free product. It can fill cracks up to 40 mm deep. This high-quality product needs only water to be prepared and its powdered formula allows you to only make the quantity of products you need while avoiding losses.

Wood Mastic-Bi is easy to dye and can be oiled, waxed or varnished. Made with high-quality components, it provides a durable and easy-to-sand repair, which will not clog abrasive paper. When it dries, it becomes very dense. It can be sawed, nailed, screwed, sanded, dyed, waxed, varnished, vitrified like wood.


Mix 3 parts of powder with one part of water. The mixture should be used within 40 minutes after the preparation.


Apply on a dust-free surface with a spatula, taking care to push the sealant well into the crack. Sand at 20 °C (45% relative humidity): between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the size of the repair.


Vegetal glue


500 g/5 kg

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