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Wood Mastic E800 – Briançon

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The Mastic Finishes tube E800 can make repairs (2/6mm) in only 1 application without withdrawal. The Mastic Finishes tube allows a very fine finish and very hard. It is a very flexible product, easy to apply. If you need to repair a more large crack, using “powder Wood Mastic Bi”

Avaible in the high quality tube, with a screwed cap, it is economical because it not dry in the package. The Mastic Finishes tube is resistant to moisture: Tested for 5 days while immersed in water at 22 ± 1 ° C + 2 cycles of 2 hours in boiling water.

The Mastic Finishes tube is ready tu use. It is In aqueous phase composition, who is environmentally friendly. For outdoor use on on vertical surfaces only.

It ages without darkening the wood. Very smooth and very dense, the Mastic E800 Finishes tube can be saw, nailed, screwed, sanded, is tinged, to wax, varnish, vitrifies like wood. The Mastic Finishes tube can be used indoor or outdoor protected with a finish for wood.

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Choose the shade of the Mastic Finishes tube closest to the final color desired. Boucher and smooth operation in a single thin cracks or small holes. After drying. the Mastic Finishes tube should be lightly sanded to achieve a perfect finish. The Mastic Finishes tube in its texture and rheology can be applied using an extrusion gun or gravity on a chain (putty siding before painting). Cleaning utensils: A water immediately after use. Colors: White. Clear Wood. Bois Blond. Dark Wood. Exotic Wood. Red Wood. Wenge. Easily miscible with each other.


resin aqueous phase

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