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Wood Exterior Stain Remover – Biodegradable – EVO

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EVO STAIN REMOVER is excellent to remove most of the stains created by water or oil based products. It can also be used on bare wood surfaces to clean and remove the gray/black colouring of wood.

This water-based biodegradable product contains 0% VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and when used properly, it does not harm the surrounding vegetation. The EVO Stain Remover has been designed to be used on all outdoor wooden structures: houses, decks, fences, etc.

  • Effective on all wood stains types;
  • Ideal for restoring and rejuvenating a painted or tinted wood structure;
  • Water-based and biodegradable;
  • Non-flammable;
  • 0% VOC.


(product part per water part):
Pickling wood stains on a raw wood outdoor structure: (1 : 2)
Rejuvenation of an aged wood structure: (from 1 : 5 to 1 : 10)
Cleaning a stained or painted wood structure: (de 1 : 10 à 1 : 20)

Protect the surrounding vegetation by spraying water on it before applying the EVO Stain Remover. Apply on surfaces, pure or diluted, with a sprayer, a broom or a large brush on the surface to be cleaned. Wait 15 minutes. Don’t let it dry, reapply if necessary. Brush and rinse with water OR rinse with water under pressure (1000 to 3000 psi). Rinse until the foam disappears. Wait until the surface of the wood is completely dry before applying a new coating.


This product may darken certain wood species. Make a test on a small surface before use. If the wood darkens after applying this product, use lumber bright by EVO to restore colour.

CAUTION: Safety goggles and chemical resistant gloves are recommended when using this product.


150 sq. Ft. per 3.78L (undiluted).

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