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White Wood Glue – DURAPRO AW4400

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High quality adhesive for assembly. Dries quickly and is excellent on hardwoods such as oak, maple and birch. It is also recommended for sizing many other products such as paper, cardboard, leather and most other porous materials.



  • Force of 3000 lbs     
  • Assembly time: 5-10 minutes     
  • Pressing time: 20-30 minutes     
  • Drying time: 4-6 hours     
  • Viscosity 4000 – 5000 cps (5/20 rpm / 25 ° C)     
  • Solids 48.5 ± 1%     
  • Becomes transparent while drying


Apply directly from the plastic bottle or with a stiff brush or mechanical applicator. Spread the glue so that the surplus comes out when the pieces are assembled. The joints must be perfectly adjusted. Tighten or squeeze with enough pressure. When the glue becomes transparent a very strong bond has been formed. Let it dry before sanding.

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