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Wax Remover – Anciens Ébénistes

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Eliminates old wax, greasy stains as well as dirt on old furniture and waxed floors, without altering their patina. Cleans tools and brushes and rinses wood after stripping with traditional strippers. Do not use on old varnished furniture.


Wear gloves when applying. Spread the Wax Remover abundantly using a Polishing Cotton. Leave it on for a few minutes, but do not let the product dry. Then rub with Steel Wool N ° 000 (very fine) for a piece of furniture, or with N ° 00 (Fine) for a parquet. Change Polishing Cotton as soon as it is soot. Before drying, remove the dirt and wax with a new cotton wick. Allow to dry for about 30 min.


Wax your parquet again with Liquid Wax, or your furniture with The Buffing Wax Les Anciens Ébénistes or Bleached Beeswax. For a varnished or vitrified finish, you must remove the wax perfectly without leaving any trace.


450 ml container

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