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Walnut Stain – Evo

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The walnut stain is made of Cassel extract of vegetable origin, the Cassel extract has replaced the real walnut because of the scarcity and high cost of it. Cassel extract perfectly imitates walnut stain, which is why cabinetmakers, restorers and antique furniture reproducers use it to imitate old finishes. Walnut stain is often used to give an aged appearance to new wood before the application of milk paint (to let it appear when making wear in the finish). It can give walnut tones from pale to dark depending on the number of layers applied or the amount of pigment diluted while leaving the grain of the wood.

Crystallized walnut stain is a concentrated hue that is diluted with warm or lukewarm water. Dilution is based on the hue you want. It allows to obtain the final tone in a single application without risk of overlapping marks due to its penetrating and diffusing power. The walnut stain has no odor and is very pleasant to used.


Used indoors or outdoors on all types of wood in restoration or on new wood: furniture, beams, floors, woodwork, etc … It can be waxed, oiled, varnished or lacquered. On the outside, the walnut stain must receive a protective application of the varnish type. Apply generously in the direction of the wood grain to the lint-free cloth or cotton wick it is important to quickly wipe the excess with a clean cloth or wick. Sand lightly before applying the finishing coat. A drying time of at least two hours is required before applying another layer.

Can give tones of light walnut to dark walnut 30 g / liter of warm water for a light walnut. 60 g / liter of warm water for a medium walnut and 90 g / liter of warm water for a dark walnut.

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