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Universal Maintenance Oil – Blanchon

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Universal Blanchon Maintenance Oil is compatible with all crafted oiled floors and machined finishes, whatever the finish is, traditional or water-based. Universal Maintenance Oil preserves and regenerates all Blanchon oils, Ligna oils and all vegetal oil-based finishes on the market. It’s no polishing easy application and drying speed makes the surface dry after only 20 min. The Universal Maintenance Oil allow to space time between each layer renewal on your surfaces. Excellent adhesion to all oiled floors.

  • Strong regenerating power;
  • Dry in 20 min;
  • Scentless;
  • No polishing needed;
  • Can be sprayed;
  • Non-slippery: tested according to NF EN 13036-4


Can be used on oiled, clean and dry wood. Clean the surface with the Natural Soap for oiled floors from Blanchon or with SOLIA from Ligna. If the surface remains stained after cleaning, use Blanchon Powerful Cleaner.


Apply a thin film of Universal Care Oil with a lint-free cloth, microfibre mop or sprayer. If using a sprayer wipe quickly with a bleached cotton or microfibre cloth.

Wait 20 minutes before using the surface.


400 sq. Ft./Litre



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