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Teak Wood oil – Blanchon

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Blanchon Teak Oil is a water-based vegetal oil, specially developed to protect outdoor furniture and exotic wood. Teak Oil deeply penetrates the exotic red and brown woods (teak, niangon, rosewood, Ipe, mahogany, etc.). It nourishes, protects and enhances wood while avoiding its graying. Very easy and pleasant to use and easy to maintain, Teak Oil highlights the natural elegance of garden furniture, verandas, pergolas and other exotic woodwork. Do not apply Teak oil to floors.

  • Nourishes, protects and beautifies;
  • Ideal for exotic red and brown woods;
  • Composed mainly with natural vegetal oils;
  • Scentless;
  • Ecological formula 27g VOC/litre;
  • Won’t gray;
  • Mat;
  • Water repellent;
  • Won’t  flake;
  • Easy to maintain.


The wood must be clean and free from any trace of old finish. Clean with a Lumber Bright Cleaner if the wood is gray or stained. Sand the wood with a 100 grit sandpaper, to open its grain and facilitate absorption. Shake well before use.

To ensure TEAK OIL impregnation, make sure that the wood surface is dry (3 days minimum of good weather before applications) and that there is no risk of rain in the 24 h after the 2nd layer. Do not apply in direct sunlight or above 28 °C.


  1. Apply the first layer in the direction of the wood fibres with a brush or applicator pad, pay particular attention to the grooves, joints and ends. Let stand for 20 to 30 min.
  2. As soon as the wood loses its wet appearance, apply the 2nd coat.
  3. Smoothen with a dry brush after a few minutes to obtain a beautiful appearance, without highlights or slides.


TEAK OIL is maintained without stripping or sanding. Applied regularly, it feeds the wood, protects it from climatic aggression and does not flake. As soon as the oiled surface loses its lustre, remove dust, then apply a new coat.


150 sq. Ft. / Litre

Drying time:

  • Dry to touch 1 hour
  • Full drying 72 hours

Cleaning tools:



27 g/litre



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