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Teak and Exotic Wood Oil – Anciens Ébénistes

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Service, protect and revive your hardwood deck furniture with teak and exotic wood oil. Based on natural oil of Chinese wood (tung oil), Teak and exotic wood oil maintains and protects your exotic woods raw or oiled. Teak and exotic wood oilby Les Anciens Ébénistes is a blend specifically designed to penetrate, protect and nourish hardwood. Teak and exotic wood oil is used indoors and outdoors on teak, olive tree, rosewood, lemon tree, etc.


Before applying your teak and exotic wood oil your wood must be clean and dry. If your wood is worn and blackened, first use our renovator for Teak and exotic woods


Do not use in the sun. Shake well before use. Apply Teak and exotic oil using an applicator pad, a cloth or a cotton wick. Let dry ± 1 h. and polish with the polishing brush or with a white abrasive nylon pad.


Apply two coats of teak and exotic wood oil early in the season and one coat before storage for the winter.

Routine maintenance:

Use a damp sponge well wrung out. Do not use abrasive or aggressive products. For efficient and non-damaging wood maintenance, use our black soap.

VOC: 384g / Liter


Container of 500 ml


150 pi ca / litre

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