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Strong Woodwork Glue – Briançon

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The Strong Woodwork Glue by Briançon is made from fully biodegradable animal proteins. It is suitable for bonding furniture and interior joinery, veneers as well as for solidifying chairs. It has a very strong adhesion and an ultrafast grip when cooling. It can be used many times, as the glue is reformed as a gel after each use. Does not require a clamp a slight pressing is enough.

The strong woodworkt glue can be worked in thick joints, making it possible to fill assembling spaces. It follows the hygrometric degree of wood, will not crack and will not break.


Heat in a bain-marie at 70 °C maximum. The glue is ready to use when a foam is formed on the surface. Apply the glue when it is hot. Ensure good contact during assembly, it will be more easily fixed by a slight tightening of the joints.

If you want to increase the assembling time, heat the wood before applying the glue.

Cleaning utensils:

Hot water


Immediate setting. (Full hardening: 24 hours)


3 years in its original closed packaging. Close thoroughly after cooling.



*** The strong woodworking glue has an ultra-fast grip by cooling. To lengthen the set time, preheat the wood.


Mixed animal glues (bones and skins).

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