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Solo Oil – For Inside Wooden Floor – Ligna

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For floors, furniture, kitchen cabinets, counters, islands, interior doors and windows, woodwork, walls and ceilings.

Ligna’s Solo Monocoat wooden floor Oil is a new generation of natural oil that provides great protection against moisture and abrasion. It enhances the woods grain, protects it from premature wear, water and stains. You could do all your interior wood surfaces with only this product, then save time, money and be able to enjoy them faster.

Due to its high solid composition (up to 70% natural oils and resins) Solo will offer a durability that is equal to old generation products that need two or three layers. Used to protect hard surfaces, it can be easily applied to all types of soft, hard and exotic wood.

  • Formulated in renowned Italian laboratories with more than 25 years of experience, Ligna products offer an “avant-gardiste” technology that is assembled in Quebec.

*** Pro Tip *** Solo is a high quality oil with great resistance to abrasion. For less stressed surfaces such as walls, ceilings, mouldings and auxiliary furniture, you can mix 1 part of Ligna’s Iso-Diluant or EVO’s Citrus Solvent in 4 parts of Solo oil. This mixture will give an excellent protection, will be easier to apply and will finally be less expensive. Ligna also offers PRONTO, a ready-to-use natural oil product, used on less stressed surfaces, available with the same colours.

⇒How to Ligna – SOLO⇐


Mix before applying. Sand wood with 100-120 grit sandpaper. Remove dust with a clean, dry, bleached cotton rag. Keep Solo at a temperature above 15 °C.

For high-density wood, such as maple or exotic woods, moisten with a clean floor mop or damp rag. When surface is completely dry (about 2 hours), sand gently with 220 grit sandpaper to break down the wood’s fibre. Remove dust meticulously.


Apply a thin coat with a clean, dry, bleached cotton rag, a spatula, or an applicator pad. Spread Solo well to avoid increased thickness. After 5 to 10 minutes maximum, with the help of a clean, dry, bleached cotton rag, scrub along the wood grain to help oil penetration and eliminate any excess.

  • After 24 hours: moderate and careful use
  • After 5-7 days: regular use
  • After 10 days: Clean with Ligna products

Number of coats:

  • Only one coat is required.
  • However two coats will increase the lustre of the wood. Wait 24h for a second coat.


200 to 500 sq. ft./litre depending on wood type.

⇒List of covering powers⇐

With its high-covering power and monocoat application Solo is currently the most economical product for floor finish. (Ex.: $0.24 per sq.ft. for a maple floor)

200 to 500 sq.ft. per litre depending on the density of the wood species to be protected.

Tool cleaner:

Use Ligna’s Iso-Diluant.


Use Solia and Solia+ by Ligna for oiled surfaces.


Add a thin layer of oil after 3 to 7 years depending on the use of your surfaces.


70% vegetal products; Safflower oil, abrasive oil, linseed oil, vegetal waxes, minerals solvent and siccative without cobalt.


As it spread only 244 g of volatile organic compounds (VOC) per litre and is a single-layer product, Solo releases 3 to 8 times less VOCs than the competing products applicable in two to three layers.


Mat satin


237 ml/946 ml/3.78 litres/18.9 litres



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