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Solia – Cleaner for oiled wood – Ligna

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Our Ligna Cleaner for oiled wood surfaces Solia is ideal for the regular maintenance of your oiled woods. Solia is a cleaner, made of coconut and soya vegetal oils. It nourishes and cleans the wood, leaves no sticky film, dilutes easily in water and is suitable for both domestic and professional maintenance.

⇒How to Ligna – SOLIA⇐


Dilute 8 to 10 ml of cleaner per litre of hot water.

Wash the surface with a soft cloth or a mop soaked in the solution. No need to rinse. Let dry.


Our Solia Cleaner for oiled wood surfaces is used for regular cleaning. Ideally, use the Solia + cleaner once a month alternating with Solia.


Before beginning maintenance with Solia on a freshly oiled surface, wait at least 7 to 10 days to allow the oil to completely dry.

The product should be diluted only with water.

Protect from frost.


0 g/L


946 ml

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