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Ravivo – Revitalizing and protective wax – Ligna

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Ravivo is a revitalizing and protective wax for oiled or waxed floors. It adds a layer of protection to the floor, increases its resistance to water and its lustre. It acts as a conditioner, requires no preparation or sanding and dries quickly. With Ravivo, you will be able to use your surface after only 4 hours.

  • Ready to use;
  • Enhances colour;
  • Protects and increases the resistance of the finish;
  • Extends the durability of oiled or waxed surfaces;
  • Gives off a good odour;
  • Annual application;
  • Composed of water, beeswax and vegetal waxes;
  • Increases lustre;
  • Can be polished.


Clean the floor with Solia Wood Cleaner. Once the surface is dry apply Ravivo using an applicator pad, a clean cloth or a brush, as evenly as possible and without leaving any excess product. Allow to dry and polish with a mop. For a lighter surface, polish with an electric polisher equipped with a white disc or a felt.

You can walk on the surface after 45 minutes. Replace the furniture after 4 hours and the carpets the next day.


Ravivo is used for annual cleaning. Ideally, use the Solia + cleaner once a month alternating with Solia.


Before applying Ravivo on a freshly oiled floor. Wait at least 7 to 10 days to allow the oil to dry completely.


150–300 sq. ft. /L


0 g/L




946 ml

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