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Rabbit Skin Glue – Natural animal glue

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From France or Rabbit Skin Glue is a extra fine traditional fabrication. It is pure animal collagen glue, his the fine granular glue  dissolves easily in water.

Rabbit glue to use for

  • Use for traditional glue for making gesso and its sizing
  • Rabbit skin glue, mixed with powder coloring pigments can also be used to prepare traditional paints.
  • Some medium in distemper painting.
  • Use for making or restoring the furniture
  • Use by craftsman marquetry worker


  • Very flexible, good moisture resistance. ideal for photo frames. primer felt.
  • Reversible heat.
  • Presentation: white granules.
  • Viscosity at 60 ° C and 12.5%: 80-90mps.
  • The gel strength at 10 ° C and 12.5%: 280 flowers.
  • pH: 5-5.5.

How to use rabbit skin glue

Soak 120 g of Animal Glue into 1 liter of cold water. It will gelified. After, melt in a Bain-Marie to use (the glue must not boil).

For a rapid use, put the glue in warm water and stir regularly, the gelatin will form by cooling, work when warm using Bain-Marie.

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