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Pure Tung Oil – Evo

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Tung oil is extracted from walnut from Bancoule native to Indonesia. It is also known as Chinese wood oil. Tung oil gives a durable finish. It offers great flexibility that protects wood from cracking. It offers good siccativity and excellent penetration. ÉVO Tung Oil is 100% pure and natural, unpolymerized and contains no petroleum solvents or chemicals.

Tung oil brings out the beauty of the natural grain of wood. You can use it with food contact surfaces, such as counters, butcher blocks, wooden plates, utensils and cutting boards, but also with children’s toys, furniture, floors, doors and woodwork. Once dyed with powdered pigments, this product protects the wood from UV rays. You will be able to use it outside for wood projects, patio or garden furniture.

  • No VOC     
  • Indoor and outdoor use   
  • 100% natural, slightly golden color
  • Contains no petroleum or chemical products
  • Hardens in contact with air
  • Won’t form glossy film     
  • Is waterproof while letting the wood breathe
  • Resistant to water, abrasion, alcohol and acids
  • Easy to maintain
  • Won’t darken with time
  • May be diluted with Citrus solvent or Iso-Thinner without denaturing the product
  • Non-toxic, use it with surfaces in contact with food



Start sanding the surface qith a 80 grit sandpaper and finish with a 120 grit paper. Remove dust. You can stain with a dye that contain no sealant such as: milk paint, walnut stain, Tandem-1 oil or any other water or alcohol-based stain.


You can also directly tint your oil with natural earth pigments, iron oxidesbitumen of Judea or dry pigments from our “Artist” range.

Mix the pigments with a small amount of oil until a paste is optained. When the dough is homogeneous, incorporate the remaining oil.

Stain only your first coat.


The application can be done with an applicator pad, with a natural silk dye brush, with bleached cotton linen, with cotton wicks or for large surfaces with our microfiber applicator. Wait about 20 to 30 minutes after the application of each coat, and wipe the excess with a rag or a clean cotton wick, a period of 24 hours is required between each coats.     

  • 2 to 4 coats for furniture and woodwork
  • 4 to 6 coats for heavily used furniture or for surfaces in contact with food as cutting boards or salad bowls
  • 6 to 8 coats for floors

To improve the penetration and drying process, you should dilute the oil with ISO-Diluent or with our citrus solvent. Mix 50% diluent in the oil and add 2% to 3% oil driers to accelerate the drying (12 hrs with driers). The siccative also slightly increases the gloss and hardness of the finish.

The first two layers should be diluted and the others applied just with siccatif. (ex: For a finish with 4 layers, two with thinner and 2 without thinner)

** Use pure oil for the maintenance of surfaces in contact with food.

Covering power:

130 to 220 sq. ft/liter according to the hardness of the wood species


5 years in an airtight container

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